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Kit consists of :

One pressure switch, one tee and reducer, 50 ft. black 16 gauge wire, one red led, wire connectors, and 5 amp fuse.

  1. Use Teflon or silicone on all pipe threads.
  2. Connect 1/8" tee to M&G air port (if no room to connect, place switch somewhere between M&G and Breakaway System).
  3. Connect pressure switch to tee.
  4. Connect air line to open connection on tee.
  5. Follow diagram to connect:
  6. Connect black wire from towed ground to one side of pressure switch.
  7. Connect wire to other side of switch to an extra terminal on towed vehicle light plug.
  8. Connect wire to coach end of electrical plug and run to dash of coach.
  9. Install red led to dash.
  10. Connect wire from rear of coach to BLACK wire on red led.
  11. Connect RED wire from led to 12V power source on coach with 5 amp fuse.
  12. Test light by applying brake on coach with both air line and electrical connect between towed and coach. If equipped with Breakaway system, press coach brake fully to charge air tank on towed fully for 30 sec. and let off brake, Go back to towed vehicle and pull breakaway cable to remove plug from switch, Red led should illuminate and remain on till you replace breakaway plug in switch.
  13. Tie up any loose wires with cable ties.

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