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Your braking system is the most important system in your towed vehicle and RV motorhome. If your RV bakes are not strong enough for the combined RV motorcoach and towed vehicle weight in a downhill or emergency situation, the result could be disastrous to you.

We have developed a powerful and patented supplemental brake system that promotes safety and brings peace of mind to today's recreational vehicle drivers who tow a vehicle behind their RV.

With any of our braking control system models, when the brakes on the coach are applied, our brake system causes THE BRAKES ON YOUR TOWED VEHICLE TO BE APPLIED SIMULTANEOUSLY! with our auxiliary system. Your coach and towed vehicle brake systems then work together on a synchronized basis for a safer, smoother stop. This results in REDUCED STOPPING DISTANCE OF OVER 1/3 on test vehicles PLUS a far more CONTROLLED STOP !!! This is also called a progressive or proportional car braking system.

The patented M&G brake cylinderM&G Braking Systems are the most effective braking control system on the aftermarket today. With each brake model, we will install an air cylinder in your tow vehicle plus a "quick-connect" air pressure line between your RV and four-down tow vehicle. When you press the brakes in your RV, the brakes in your tow vehicle will be simultaneously and automatically applied through the pneumatic line, giving you the additionally needed braking control and braking force for safe stopping action.

For each model braking control system described here, our patented air cylinder will be mounted in the towed vehicle between the master brake cylinder and vacuum booster. An air pressure line will be connected to the RV's air brake system and extended to this special air cylinder in the towed vehicle, with a quick disconnect arrangement between the two vehicles.

Our system can solve your motor coach/towed vehicle braking problems! This added margin of safety can help protect your life, the well-being of your passengers and the huge investment you have in your RV and towed vehicles.

M&G CAR BRAKING SYSTEM MODELS: We have three models to match the type of braking control in your RV:

RV with
Air Brakes

RV with
Hydraulic Brakes

RV with
Air Over Hydraulic Brakes

AFFECT ON TOWED VEHICLE WHILE BEING DRIVEN INDEPENDENTLY: The installation of our equipment will not affect the performance of your towed vehicle while it is being driven independently (the patented air cylinder functions as a pushrod and does not adversely affect the braking system on the towed vehicle).

COILED AIR LINE OPTION: This option is for substitution of the coiled air pressure line for the standard straight air line. This is not required but is preferred by some to reduce the risk of the air line dragging on the pavement while the RV is in motion. The coiled aspect of the line allows for tighter vehicle turning without harming the air line. It is available for use with all three of our air operated braking systems.

TOWED VEHICLE "BREAKAWAY KIT" OPTION: We also sell and install an optional kit designed to provide automatic braking action in your towed vehicle should your towed vehicle unexpectedly detach from your RV while traveling. We highly recommend this additional safety product to lessen the possible damage to your towed vehicle and to reduce harm to those near the detached vehicle. This kit works only with our braking system. It works with all three of our braking systems. Click for Kit Details.

FACTORY INSTALLATIONS: Click Map for a Mapquest map of our location. Have the man that designs the M&G Brake System install your brake system for you. Our professional service techs will be glad to help you. We also have overnight accommodations with one 50 amp hookup for your convenience.

DEALER INSTALLATIONS: If our factory is not convenient for you, please see our list of dealers who are experienced in designing and installing our braking control systems. An order lead time is required at most dealers for them to specify and receive the equipment from our factory. Most of them are not "stocking" dealers. You can also order from the factory and choose your dealer from our list, and we will ship the equipment to them to meet you there for installation.

SELF INSTALLATIONS: In rare cases, very qualified mechanics can successfully install the system on some vehicles. We do not recommend this approach as it has often proven to be trouble-prone. The prices shown on this web site do not include installation at the factory or a dealer.

TYPES OF TOWING VEHICLES: You can have our system installed on most any towing vehicle, most typically an RV, motor coach, or truck.

TYPES OF TOWED VEHICLES: You can have our system installed on most any typical "toad" vehicle that has hydraulically operated brakes four down wheels. This includes, cars, vans, and trucks.

CONNECT-DISCONNECT ARRANGEMENT: Our system uses a "quick-connect-disconnect" method for the air pressure line that runs between the RV and towed vehicle. The connectors are similar to those used on standard air compressor lines. This allows you to very easily hook up and un-hook. This method is fast and dependable. There are no electrical wires to connect/disconnect. If you use our Breakaway Kit (which we highly recommend) there will be a small mechanical cable to connect/disconnect, which is very easy to do.

We also install Base Plates, Tow Bars, and wire towed vehicles for lights.

CALL US: Please do not hesitate to call us. We are happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions. We will narrow in quickly on the best solution for your towing configuration. We will determine the system cost and arrange for purchase and installation here at the factory or through our certified dealer network (see list link above) located throughout the US. We are experts at this and will help the novice and professional determine the best custom solution.

QUALITY STANDARDS: The heart of our braking system is the air cylinder which is US patented (# 4,756,390) and meets all US and Canadian laws. It is made of aircraft-quality 6061 aluminum. Click for close up view of cylinder.

LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY SUMMARY (see Warranty Details on menu): We warrant our patented brake cylinder to be free from defective material and workmanship for a LIFETIME of service to the original purchaser. The hydraulic control valve component carries a three-year warranty. All electrical components (compressor, switch, valve, etc.) carry a one year warranty. Over 22,000 systems have been installed. We have a nationwide dealer network and have been in business since 1987.

EXCHANGE PROGRAM: This program applies to original purchaser only. This program is not transferable. A new M&G brake cylinder may be purchased at a discounted price to fit a new towed vehicle. When you purchase a new towed vehicle and your M&G cylinder will not transfer or fit the new towed vehicle, simply call M&G and purchase new M&G cylinder with a credit card for the full retail price. M&G will ship to you the new cylinder with a pre-printed UPS return label. Return the old cylinder to M&G. After M&G receives the exchange cylinder, we will credit your credit card $180. Therefore, the exchange price will be the difference plus freight when the cylinder is returned to M&G.

FMCA MEMBER: We have been an FMCA Commercial Member for many years. We usually participate each year in 
FMCA's two international RV rallies by providing a seminar and on-site installations.

PRODUCT BACKGROUND: M&G Car Braking Systems were developed by our President, Leon Meadows, a retired airline executive in 1987 who is also a pilot holding an airline transport rating. Traveling approximately four months of each year in his motor coach, he saw the need for more RV stopping power especially in emergency situations. He noted that few motor homes have enoughbraking power when towing another vehicle. RV drivers typically don't realize they are unable to stop quickly enough until they have had a serious accident or a frighteningly close call. Drawing an extensive background in engineering, Meadows set out to create the ultimate braking control system for towed vehicles. M&G Car Braking Systems feature a simple but proven design using basic engineering principles. These systems are easily installed by professionals and require minimal maintenance. They are easy to hook-up and un-hook.

Tests prove that M&G Car Braking Systems can